Ganja Destination Management Organization's first training sessions on “Trainer Skills” were conducted by the BakuPMC

In order to improve the quality of tourism services in the western region, to increase the knowledge and skills of participants in the tourism industry, the Ganja Destination Management Organization established a "Local Expert Network" on behalf of the State Tourism Agency.


The network's first training sessions on “Trainer Skills” were conducted by the Baku Project Management Center on 7-9 and 22 May 2022.
The main purpose of the training was to effectively transfer the knowledge and skills of experts in their field to the appropriate target audience, to develop the necessary skills of individuals on the ground. The training program for trainers included 12 modules and 32 hours of training material. Each module recorded in the training program focused on the practical difficulties of the participants and covered each stage in the preparation and conduct of the training.  

As a result of the training, in order to maintain the sustainability of development, the participants were provided with various useful resources during and after the training, based on the identified gaps.