Master the essential skills and tools of Program Management and, if desired, continue with PgMP® certification training. Identify and recognize the various types of PgMP® exam questions. Complete sample exams using our PgMP® exam simulator. Compile a PgMP® exam strategy that will be used in the actual PgMP® exam. Become familiar with the exam policies and procedures.




This is an Advanced-level course that is suitable for people who have the necessary experience to meet the Project Management Institute's eligibility requirements. The Project Management Institute requires all PgMP® exam candidates to have:

• At least four years' (6,000 hours') Project Management experience

• If you have a bachelor's degree you will also need four years' (6,000 hours') Program Management experience

• However, if you do not have a bachelor's degree, the Program Management requirement goes up to seven years (10,500 hours)

In addition to this, we strongly recommend that our students have obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP)® accreditation already. Many of the day-to-day tools and techniques covered by the Standard for Program Management are very familiar to PMP® exam students. You will find it much easier if you have encountered these previously.




First Option:

• Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)

• 48 months of project management experience OR PMP

• 84 months of program management experience within the last 15 years

Second Option:

• Four-year degree

• 48 months of project management experience OR PMP

• 48 months of program management experience within the last 15 years




Program Management Definitions

Program Strategy Alignment

Program Benefits Management:

- Identification

- Analysis and Planning

- Delivery

- Transition<

- Sustainment

Program Stakeholder Engagement

Program Governance

Program Management Life Cycle

- Program Definition

- Program Formulation

- Program Preparation

- Program Benefits Delivery

- Program Closure

- Program Transition

- Program Closeout

PgMP® certification process

PgMP® exam preparation





Included in the cost of your PgMP® prep course:

• Provide assistance with the PMI® membership, PgMP® Exam registration, PgMP® Application form preparation and credential application procedure.

• Provide 90 hours of accredited project management training required by PMI® prior to the PgMP® application process. Modules covering all exam material, broken up similarly to the PMI®’s Standard for Program Management.

• Post-course support from PgMP® certified tutor until PgMP® Certification is achieved.

• Provide a framework to enable students to obtain the PMI®-specific understanding required to pass the examination.

• Provide access to 400+ PgMP® Exam questions in a PgMP® Exam Simulator with detailed feedback to hone your areas of study focus.