In this two-days intensive Project Management training course, you will learn best practice for Project Management, including scheduling, reporting, and budgeting, and all the areas you need to consider before taking on a project.




This is the best introductory course for a professional who aspires to get into project management and know the different types of project management methodologies and processes.




Project Management - Principles and Definitions

- Key principles for PM success

- What is a Project?

- What is Project Management?

- Terminology

- The Role of the Project Manager


Project Management - Defining Responsibilities

- Roles and Responsibilities

- Responsibility Matrix


Project Management - Stakeholder Management

- Stakeholder Analysis

- Stakeholder Planning

- Stakeholder Communication


Project Management - Managing Communications

- Communication Plan examples Techniques


Project Management - Producing the Project Definition

- Tips for writing a Project Definition

- What to include

- The approval process


Project Management - Managing Project Documentation

- Types of documentation

- How to store it

- How to track approvals

- Naming standards


Project Management - Defining the Project Work

- Setting Goals and Objectives

- Defining tasks and activities

- Brainstorming using Mind Maps

- Estimating time

- Creating a work breakdown structure

- Determining task dependencies

- Determining task constraints

- Creating a Gantt Chart and Network Diagram


Project Management - Managing Project Risk

- Techniques to identify risk

- Creating a risk management plan


Project Management - Managing the Workplan

- Updating the project plan

- Status meetings and reports

- Action items

- Dealing with issues

- Root cause analysis

- Cause and Effect analysis

- Managing the project team


Project Management - Managing Scope

- Defining scope

- Process for managing scope changes

- Managing expectations


Project Management - Managing Quality

- What is quality?

- Process to manage quality

- Resolving quality issues


Project Management - Managing Project Completion

- Phase out plan and activities

- Phase out meeting

- Phase out questions





•    The training will be highly interactive with participants taking part in role-plays, discussions, exercises and group work where appropriate. 
•    These workshops cater for a group of up to 12 participants. 
•    The emphasis will be on the skills, knowledge and attitude that the participants will need in their work environment.




Ilkin Hakhverdiyev
Kamran Jabrayilov