Baku Project Management Center Partners with KOBİA to Empower Nakhchivan's Professionals in Essentials of Project Management

Baku Project Management Center, in a strategic collaboration with the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Azerbaijan Republic (KOBİA), has taken another significant step towards empowering aspiring professionals and businesses in Nakhchivan. The latest phase of their dynamic training series saw the esteemed trainer Kamran Jabrayilov conducting an engaging workshop on the "Essentials of Project Management" in the heart of Nakhchivan city.


Gathering enthusiastic learners from diverse industries in Nakhchivan, the workshop became a platform for the attendees to unlock the fundamental principles and best practices of project management. Kamran Jabrayilov, a seasoned expert hailing from the center, captivated participants with real-world case studies, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking discussions, fostering an environment of active learning and collaboration.


The joint efforts of Baku Project Management Center and KOBİA underscore their collective dedication to nurturing talent and driving excellence in project management across Azerbaijan. Participants lauded the workshop for its relevance and applicability, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity provided by these esteemed organizations.


As the partnership flourishes, both organizations remain committed to enriching professional growth in the region. The training series reflects the strong synergy of Baku Project Management Center's expertise and KOBİA's commitment to bolstering the small and medium business sector in Azerbaijan.


Aspiring professionals and organizations eager to stay ahead in the competitive market are encouraged to explore the upcoming training calendar. Join Baku Project Management Center and KOBİA on their journey of continuous growth and success, and experience first-hand the transformative impact of their dynamic training programs. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming workshops as the collaboration continues to empower professionals, foster innovation, and redefine excellence in project management in Nakhchivan and beyond.